3D-Print - Planeshoes

First experiences with my 3D printer SOVOL SV 01

A short report about my first experiences with my first 3D printer, the SOVOL SV 01.

I have had the desire for a 3D printer for quite a long time, but I am not one of the early adopters.

I like to wait a certain amount of time so that teething troubles in the technical system can be cured and a more mature product can be bought. I usually observe the market, reports in blogs and on YouTube over a longer period of time, here it was about a year.

Large printer, high resolution

SOVOL SV01 3D Direct Extruder Printer

A Youtuber headlined it: The beautiful printing printer. It wasn't that that tipped the scales in the end, but the sum of the critics and reviews. The price is surprisingly low and the printer is delivered to Germany from the Czech Republic. I ordered it directly from the manufacturer and it arrived after about 2 weeks. The printable volume is 280 x 240 x 300mm. The printer requires a slim footprint of 60 x 60 cm and a height of ~80 cm with the filament roll. I will build a display case for the printer, as it has to share its space in the workshop with all the other machines. And it must not gather dust.

Parallel to the printer, I ordered filament from 3DJake, mainly matt PLA. I have no great desire to test cheap or inexpensive material. Is there a significant difference in filament quality? I've read about it and the answer seems to be yes, but I don't need to try it out myself.

Why did I buy the printer?

I am setting up my workshop. All sorts of tools and other stuff need to be put away and tidied up. Drawers have to be set up. But I can't and don't want to build all the fixtures out of wood for that. Wood is hygroscopic and not very suitable for storing tools, for example. For this and perhaps for other tasks, the 3D printer is an interesting tool. A tool like many of my others. Normal.

Theoretically I knew everything about 3D printers, I must have watched about 50 or more hours of videos on them in the last year. But in practice, I have no idea. How quickly you can learn about things nowadays! How different would it have been 20 years ago? Watch a few videos, read a few blogs, off you go!

A few weeks later

A few weeks later, I am already very happy with my first printing results. The surfaces the printer makes look almost perfect. I print with a relatively small nozzle, 0.4 mm, so it takes a relatively long time to print. But for me, quality comes before time.

 I want to share my second result with you, bearing shoes for my planes. These go in a drawer under the workbench and ensure that the planes don't slide around in the drawer.

3D-Print - Planeshoes - I put the small block plane on top as an example.
I put the small block plane on top as an example.
Photo: Thomas Schürmann - 3D-Print - Planeshoes: sovolsv01
Photo: Thomas Schürmann - 3D-Print - Planeshoes: planeshoe2_9258
Plane shoes

Practical helpers and easy exercise in 3D

I printed these shoes for my iron planes and an Ulmia. One pair of shoes each holds one plane in place in the drawer. The shoes are fixed to the bottom of the drawer with 2 or 3 3x12 screws each. The beauty of making your own design is how quickly you can add a custom inscription. The shoes are between 20 and 12 mm high and between 63 and 92 mm wide. The filament is 3DJAKE ecoPLA Matt Black, I printed with wall thickness 4x and 35% infill using a 0.4 nozzle. The parts feel nice and snug in the hand, I really like the quality.

When the time comes I will create a Thingiverse account. Until then you can download the STL and Blender files here. I have designed shoes for the following planes:

All files as planeshoe.zip.

tl, dr;

My first 3D prints. My own design. Organising aids for my workbench drawer.

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