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No 50 Read: ~ 2 min Words: ~ 250

Folding ladders made of aluminium are a typical example of unsustainable design if you can't change the feet in a few easy steps. Because in tough construction site use, these, unlike the rest of the ladder, are quickly scrap.

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No 49 Read: ~ 35 min Words: ~ 5100

Christo and Jeanne Claude wrap the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The symbol of nationalism and militarism disappears behind a silvery blue, shiny and reflective shell - and the values of liberty, equality and fraternity stand out more.

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No 47 Read: ~ 2 min Words: ~ 200

2021 I renovated my Ulmia workbench that I bought second-hand in Velbert. I photographed the complete overhaul.

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No 45 Read: ~ 20 min Words: ~ 3000

In September 2021, my wife and I cycled along the Alme, Diemel, Weser and Werre rivers on a tour lasting several days. The goal was a leisurely, relaxed tour with few metres of altitude, but beautiful views and lots of water. That's exactly what this tour turned out to be. It was pure enjoyment.

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No 44 Read: ~ 10 min Words: ~ 1700

A beautiful sharpening station for TK pencils in vintage look was created in my workshop as a gift for a friend. TK pencils are an environmentally friendly alternative to wooden pencils. Unfortunately, good sharpeners have become rare.

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No 39 Read: ~ 20 min Words: ~ 2845

How a hatter from Broadway made himself immortal with the help of Phineas Taylor Barnum and thus did the most clever marketing of the decade.

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