On my desk: Leonid Andrejew und Thomas Wolfe

Russian authors and American authors of the beginning of the twentieth century

Inspired by my current research on the life story of Marcus Rothkowitz (later Mark Rothko), who emigrated from Latvia to Portland, Oregon in 1913, I have started to deal with American and Russian authors of this time.

Happily at the same time Amazon provided the beautiful movie "Genius" about the life of the author Thomas Wolfe and his collaboration with the editor Max Perkins. Both are contemporaries - three years apart - of the early twentieth century, with revolutions, wars and industrialization that would change the lives of millions of people. 

Literature always has a look at the lives of people and their contemporaries, conversely literature can contribute to seeing the world differently and sometimes actually living the world differently. I am interested in the Russian point of view, as Latvia has been Russian for a long time and if I follow Wolfes statement that every event is the result of tens of thousands of years, then I want to know who these authors are and what made them special. Latvian authors such as Rudolf Blaumanis and J?nis Rainis may follow if I manage to borrow or afford novels or stories. 

The selection is quite arbitrary, I have selected books and authors that appeal to me. When I read "But what a discovery, what an author! Many times I thought: "Oh, what darkness, what despair this man must have known" (source: https://www.buechertreff.de/forum/thread/72028-leonid-andrejew/) this author seemed more interesting to me than comparatively better known contemporaries like Alexander Blok, Ivan Bunin and Nikolai Gumiljow. Nor was it known to me until today what an interesting photographic pioneer Andrejew was. The pictures are really worth seeing.

Thomas Wolfes "Look Homeward, Angel" is no longer in the reference collection of my city library in Wuppertal. When I think about how dozens of issues of "Twilight" have pushed off the shelves - times change. If I make it "between the years", I'd like to read something about Dorothy Parker and F. Scott Fitzgerald, too. Let's see.

This is on my desk right now:

Thomas Wolfe
Schau heimwärts, Engel!
Rowohlt Verlag GmbH, Hamburg 1954
Übertragen von Hans Schiebelhuth, Umschlaggestaltung: Werner Rebhuhn

Rolf-Dieter Kluge
Anton P. ?echov
Eine Einführung in Leben und Werk
Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, Darmstadt 1995
Einbandbild Horst Janssen, Blei- und Buntstiftzeichnung

Armin Knigge
Maksim Gor'kij
Das literarische Werk
Erich Wewel Verlag, München 1994

Richard Davies
Ein russischer Dichter und seine Welt
Die unbekannten Photos des Leonid Andrejew
Belser AG für Verlagsgeschäfte, Stuttgart, Zürich 1989

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What I'm reading and what I'm working on right now.

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