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Certain topics are not suited to the classic blog format; I would like to work on these texts in the long term. In addition, I would like to document the genesis of the texts, older versions should remain visible and permanently retrievable.

A very small part of a curve is almost a straight line. It becomes more similar to a straight line the smaller you make it. In the borderline case, you can call it part of a curve or part of a straight line as you wish. In fact, the curve merges with its tangent at each of its points.

, Philosophie der Dauer, Felix Meiner Verlag, Hamburg 2013

1 State of Play Report

Why state of play reports?

When researching some topics, I noticed as early as 2021 that the blog format was no longer or only insufficiently suitable for some content. In the spring of 2022, this impression has become even more intense. My posts are getting longer and longer, going deeper and wider in an almost universal lexical way. I want to show even more facets of a topic. Blog posts are more like a flash photo of a person or a subject, you see the moment, but rarely beyond. To show the whole character, to explore a topic more in depth, the blog format is inadequate in my eyes. For topics that should go beyond the content posted on the blog, I needed a new format - and in the state of play reports I hope I have found it. The somewhat unwieldy administrative term fits very well with the editing style - informative, permanent, ongoing, continuous and broad-based. I will start with a topic that is the real cause of the complete rebuilding of my blog section of Louis Sullivan's misunderstood and ideally stripped and uprooted design maxim Form follows function. This will probably be followed by a state of play report on the concept of the ivory tower, the meaning of which has changed several times over the past centuries. After that, we could continue with an exciting topic that has a very practical value for me - the sacred order.

Form follows function

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Everyone should be familiar with it to this day, the popular maxim of the American architect and essayist Louis Henry Sullivan. Sullivan was an architect and author who thought and wrote a lot about the meaning and significance of architectural design and urban planning.

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