A children's book about the alphabet by Marie-Madeleine Franc-Nohain

Alphabet en images

In 1925, the new illustrated volume Alphabet en Images by the French illustrator Madeleine-Amélie Franc-Nohain or, as she is called here in the book, Marie-Madeleine Franc-Nohain was published in Paris. I would like to introduce the book to you.

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I love to get to the bottom of things and dig as deep as my tools and time allow. I write down things that are interesting at second glance. I try to return things to their original value.

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Lippincott's Monthly Magazine was a 19th-century literary magazine that cleverly managed to attract well-known authors as well.

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No 60 Read: ~ 10 min Words: ~ 1280

This post is about the overview of the available state of affairs reports. The design should clearly differ from the previous category pages.

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No 59 Read: ~ 13 min Words: ~ 2000

There is a new content format on my website, this is the state of affairs report. I'll explain what I was thinking, how it all came about and what I want to do with it.

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The decorative sage is a real, wonderfully blue flowering enrichment for the perennial garden, along with the true sage or spice sage Salvia officinalis.

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About this page

This is the blog for Cronhill.de. I blog about abstract topics like philosophy, about unknown illustrators and things from my life. Topics that I would like to explore in the long term can be found in the state of play reports.

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State of Play Reports

Certain topics are not suited to the classic blog format; I would like to work on these texts in the long term. In addition, I would like to document the genesis of the texts, older versions should remain visible and permanently retrievable.

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There is always something to do on the website, especially when I have taken it a bit easy on some templates and not included responsive images. In the status report, some image descriptions now run next to the image on tablets, saving some space vertically. I have placed the image description flush at the bottom. 

On the overview pages, there were still too many elements in the listing in the en and fr versions; archived versions were also displayed due to a missing template filter.

Up to now, a page for the changelog was missing, for which only one column was provided on the start page. The page now exists in all three languages, but it is only accessible to interested parties in the right-hand column at the bottom. Because of its purpose, it has been kept as technically rudimentary as possible. I read through Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 https://semver.org/lang/de/ out of interest. I'm not a software developer, but I found it quite interesting.

In the portrait view on tablets, there is too little margin around the page in the status report. 1/20 margin has been added in this view. Responsive images in three sizes are now loaded for the images in the middle column of the status report. This should speed up the page a little more.

New in the blog: Lippincott's Monthly Magazine


I was so excited about the covers that I absolutely had to write something about Lippincott's Monthly Magazine. Also, all the state of play reports in de, en and fr are now finally in sync.



The English and French versions of the status report unfortunately had quite a few HTML errors, caused by missing editing of a parameter. Corrected in the English version. 

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