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I love to get to the bottom of things and dig as deep as my tools and time allow. I write down things that are interesting at second glance. I try to return things to their original value.

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This is the blog for I blog about abstract topics like philosophy, about unknown illustrators and things from my life. Topics that I would like to explore in the long term can be found in the state of play reports.

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State of Play Reports

Certain topics are not suited to the classic blog format; I would like to work on these texts in the long term. In addition, I would like to document the genesis of the texts, older versions should remain visible and permanently retrievable.

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Transfer error in the CSS


I don't know why yet, but there was a transfer error in the CSS when the blog was moved, and so, for example in this essay about the quotes in James Bond films, the background colour for the Continue Reading tips had disappeared. This has now been fixed. To make the tip blocks a little smaller in size, only the main headline and teaser text is now shown. I also reduced the headline font size in this block by 15% to 36px. I also added a function that allows me to display reading recommendations at the end of blog posts.

Many small and large adjustments


There is a new photography page that only shows pictures. Currently with the themes landscape, urban, architecture and analogue. The former Photography page is now more appropriately called Travel. Since I designed the header of the Photography page a little differently, I felt compelled to adapt the two pages Painting and Travel appropriately as well. I have also written something about this.  I am glad that there was such an opportunity to publish a quote from Stevenson's beautiful essay on walking. There was also something to fix, throughout the blog and post pages there was a broken footer display. I apologise for that. - Maybe someone noticed it: In addition to the ID, the number of the template is now also displayed at the end of the page, I can't see my way through otherwise. Currently, the total number of templates used on and is just under 55. 

About constricting when writing


As people who know me know, I love bricks. They are the simplest letters of the architectural alphabet and they also serve as a metaphor for focused and confining writing. This and the book Zen and the Art of Maintaining a Motorcycle are the subject of my new blog post « Writing is about seeing ». Pirsig's parable about a student who fails at a task and who manages to overcome her writer's block by focusing and looking closely was worth writing down.

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