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No 65 Read: ~ 3 min Words: ~ 580

How I got myself and the new blog sub-site into quite a predicament through a little carelessness.

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No 60 Read: ~ 10 min Words: ~ 1280

This post is about the overview of the available state of affairs reports. The design should clearly differ from the previous category pages.

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No 59 Read: ~ 13 min Words: ~ 2000

There is a new content format on my website, this is the state of affairs report. I'll explain what I was thinking, how it all came about and what I want to do with it.

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No 56 Read: ~ 8 min Words: ~ 1200

I am currently working on a new content format for the website. I want to work further away from the ephemeral format of the blog post.

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No 34 Read: ~ 15 min Words: ~ 2300

There is a new section on and it is called Jardin Intérieur. In this section I develop ideas and deal with themes. I write notes and link them together. In the end, I may harvest something new.

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No 9 Read: ~ 15 min Words: ~ 2335

My first beginner steps with the programming language R are based on german translation of the novel "Look homeward, Angel!" written autobiographically by Thomas Wolfe in 1929.

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