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No 35 Read: ~ 9 min Words: ~ 1500

It should actually be called Mille Fleur, this rose. With a similar sound to the French word Mille-feuille for a cake made only of puff pastry.

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No 21 Read: ~ 11 min Words: ~ 1560

Jack Johnson founded the forerunner of the legendary Cotton Club, the Club Delux in New York and was the first black boxing world champion in heavyweight boxing history.

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No 18 Read: ~ 21 min Words: ~ 3100

There are quotations that one never forgets, and this, the following quotation from the English Lord Chancellor Francis Bacon, came to my mind very well when reading the novel Wedding before the Fall, written by Dorothy L. Sayers in 1937. And then comes the moment when one is reminded of this quotation anew in an up-to-date way. We'll get to that later.

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No 14 Read: ~ 20 min Words: ~ 3000

What do a small person, an oversized tomb, an impoverished old African-American woman from the southern states and the clinical psychologist Paul Everett Meehl have in common?

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No 5 Read: ~ 1.2 min Words: ~ 193

What you find when you clean up. This time digital cleaning. A poem about the work of a designer working at night from 2013.

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No 4 Read: ~ 9 min Words: ~ 1351

Sometime in the years 1990 to 1995 I wrote this somewhat crazy, surreal, punctuation-free text about cycling. At that time I read a lot and I think that some lyrics influenced me a lot.

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